Innovative Curriculum Design

I am working on creating an innovative curriculum design for 7th Grade English. What does that entail? That's the question I am asking myself over and over, all day, every day.

Here are the voices in my head so far:

  • Students are tasked with working collaboratively to find solutions to real-world problems/challenges.
  • The problems/challenges necessitate critical thinking and access to skills that appear across curricula.
  • Problems/challenges will necessitate contacting experts via Skype, social networks, etc.
  • Social networks will be used to consolidate information for analysis.
  • Credibility of sources and management of information are crucial.
  • Assessments for student performance should be formative and summative.
  • Student reflection, via social networking, blogging, vlogging, etc. will be key component.
  • The learning outcomes will be focused on principles that can be employed in the 21st century job market, and should resist being relegated to formats that will be outdated by the time students graduate.
  • Cutting edge research skills, data collection, and ability to analyze data effectively, should be key component. St
  • Students will demonstrate understanding in a variety of modalities, including multi-media presentation, Socratic dialogue,  exit interviews (from project), formal reflection, etc.
  • The lessons/unit developed by the teacher should be based on an ongoing feedback loop and exploration of the content should serve as the basis for students gaining background knowledge, as opposed to such knowledge being "dispensed" by the teacher.
  • Some 21st century skills: empathy, critical thinking, information management, research skills, cross-curricular synthesis, entrepreneurial potential, leveraging social networks, anticipation of global connections...
More to come.


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    1. I haven't been updating very often, so thanks for the kind words.


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